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Re: Airline Carryon

As I recall, my VX-1 was the only radio I owned that had enough IF  
leakage to break squelch on another radio, and this would only happen  
with the other radio right next to it.  Don't get me started on RFI  
from laptops, PDA's, or GameBoys.  ;-)

If I were to do any listening on 2m or 440, I would want to check  
with the flight crew first, and make sure they knew I had no  
intention of transmitting, and I would want to turn off the PTT on my  
radio to avoid the possibility of accidentally keying up and also  
make the flight crew aware of this.  I would also keep my license  
handy (which I do anyway) in case passengers in adjacent seats got  
panicked about "terrorist" looking activities, as the antenna does  
need to be held up almost against the window to receive anything from  
outside.  Hard to do that discreetly.

And as attractive as the idea might seem at first, there doesn't seem  
to be all that much to hear at cruising altitude, given the much  
higher signal level of "trash" RFI from all the much louder  
unintentional radiators ..

On Jul 5, 2005, at 12:11 PM, George Henry wrote:

> The re-write RECOMMENDED that aircraft "operators" (the airlines,  
> in this case) prohibit the operation of "intentional radiators"  
> aboard all aircraft operating under IFR, and aboard aircraft  
> operating under an air carrier certification at all times.   
> However, it stopped short of actually making the prohibition in the  
> rules, and clearly states that it was drafted with the intent that  
> carriers would actually test personal electronic devices and  
> collect PED manufacturers' data, and develop a shared database of  
> acceptable and unacceptable devices, which has never happened.  The  
> FARs leave the ultimate responsibility for the safe operation of  
> the aircraft (and therefore, any decisions related to safe  
> operation, including the operation of PED's aboard the craft) to  
> the pilot-in-command.
> Frankly, I'm way more concerned about someone's laptop, PDA, or  
> GameBoy causing interference to aircraft navigation and  
> communications systems than I am about a 2M or 440 HT!!!  We all  
> know how much "dirtier" those unintentional radiators are than most  
> intentional ones!
> George, KA3HSW
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