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Re: Carry-On for Airlines

George Henry wrote:

> The pilot-in-command has final say as to whether any electronic device 
> may be operated aboard his/her aircraft, although most commercial 
> airlines have made it their own rule that radios may not be operated at 
> all.  It doesn't hurt to ask, once aboard the plane....  my old college 
> roommate was actually given permission to use his HT once!  Don't ask 
> the ticket or gate agents, or even call the airline itself:  you will 
> most likely be told (incorrectly) that it is illegal. Ask the pilot 
> directly, during boarding, or have a flight attendant ask him/her.  
> (Many flight attendants also mistakenly believe that it is illegal)

In Air Carrier operations under Part 121, the Airline's own rule book 
trumps even the regular Part 91 and Part 141 FAA rules.  This is because 
Air Carriers create their own Operating manuals and have them approved 
by the FAA.  So on many Part 121 air-carrier operations, the company 
rule-book says "thou shalt not" and any pilot who gives you permission 
to use the device is putting their job at risk.  Generally all U.S. Air 
Carriers have a "no radios or transmitting devices" rule, but not all. 
And they're probably not going to bother to look it up or ask Dispatch 
to check with the Chief Pilot's office.  (heh.)

So the Flight Attendant on that particular airline may well have been 
correct that it's illegal -- the FAA's rule only comes into play if the 
Airline doesn't have a specific rule in their Operating documentation.

Some U.S. Air Carriers don't specifically mention radios in their 
Operating manuals, but do have company POLICY that forbids them.  In 
that case, you can sometimes find a friendly Captain who will allow 
them.  And if you find a Captain who's a ham... that's super nice.

The fix: Get a pilot's license and fly yourself... then you're 
Pilot-In-Command and can do as you please within the rules and your own 
determination of the safety of the flight.  You also get out of the 
airplane with a grin on your face that will never go away...  :-)

Nate WY0X
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