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R: Airline Carryon


I have bought an arrow antenna (the portable 2m/70cm) when I was in Orlando
for the STS-88 launch with Sergei Krikalev.
The radials were in the checked bag and the boom (too long for the bag) as a
carry-on bag.
At the check-in I have been forced to pack the boom with paper and tape and
on board I gave it to the hostess.
But that time was before Sep.11 and now I think it is better to send the
complete antenna in the checked bag.
For that now I modified the boom in two sides as specified at
Maybe your solution...
  73 de Claudio IK1SLD

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Any advise for carrying on an arrow antenna or should that just be packed in
some hard sided luggage?

Kenneth - N5VHO
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