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Re: Airline Carryon

>or make me check it and take the risk of someone in baggage handling 
>deciding they want it more than I do.

Makes you wonder about the kind of people they hire to handle baggage. I
realize its not anybody's dream job, but if dishonest baggage handlers can
easily take things OUT OF your luggage without fear of getting caught, what
does that say about the possibility of someone with more evil motives getting
hired as a baggage handler so that he can put things INTO your luggage? All
that security they subject the passengers to means nothing if the cargo hold
is unsecure.

>I can't afford to "dump" equipment in a major hub airport on the whim 
>of some TSA guy who may not even understand the first thing about what 
>I'm trying to bring with me.  

Ask for a supervisor if you get into this situation. The droid who quotes the
rule book is not the last word on the subject. 

I once came home from a solar eclipse in Turkey, before heading to the airport
I had a friend write a note in Turkish explaining what all the gear was for.
It saved me a huge amount of trouble with a non-English speaking screener.

>There is a separate FAA regulation (14CFR 91.21, see FAA Advisory Circular 
>91.21-1A) dealing with radios and other electronic devices aboard aircraft: 
>2-way radios are outside the TSA's authority altogether.

The issue of OPERATING a radio on a plane is quite different than the issue of
simply being allowed to carry it onboard in your bag. 

>The pilot-in-command has final say as to whether any electronic device may 
>be operated aboard his/her aircraft..... It doesn't hurt to ask, once aboard

>the plane....  my old college roommate was actually given permission to use
>his HT once!  

The pilot may not and probably should not have authority to overrule his
company's avonics department to decide if it is safe to use a radio onboard
his plane. The EE's who manage the planes avonics probably know more than the
pilot does about how they work.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
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