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Have Distortion Problems-Can't Work FO-29

The following message was sent a couple of days ago but since I have not as 
yet seen it appear on any digests since then I am reposting it.

Hello Fellow Amsaters,
I need your help.
I can hear ok on FO-29 but when I try to make a contact no one responds. I
think the reason is my uplink signal is seriously distorted based on
recordings I have made with a freestanding receiver. This ONLY occurs in SSB
mode. On the FM satellites, i.e.AO-51, everything is OK. I am using a Yaesu
817 for my transceiver with a 2 M amp  However the distortion occurs with or
without the amp. My antenna is a Qhtenna which consists of 2 turnstile
antennas (2M and 70CM)  made of PVC and mounted end to end on the ground
about 25 ft from my shack. I am also using an AR2 70CM preamp and a
diplexler mounted at the base of my antennas. I also use SAT PC-32 but the
problem occurs whether or not I use the software. I would love to make my
first contact on FO-29. Can anyone help me do it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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