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PocketSat Help!

Got the registered pocket sat on the palm but when I run a calc I only
get 1 -2 passes listed. I am comparing data to SatPC32 and the data
looks good but the passes are not. For example, for a given time period
selected satpc32 will indicate 4 passes and PS will show none or
sometimes one. Both are running concurrent keps.
I have set " all passes" and  " min elev" to zero thinking that might be
the problem but it made no difference. If there is a pass at 1000 and I
run the calc at 0900 it omits the 1000 pass and shows the next one. If I
select the "start time" at some earlier hour, say 0700, it will
calculate the 1000 pass and omit later passes within the time frame
Is this the nature of the program or am I doing something incorrect on
Any clues??
73,  John 
N4NAB/ FM14lq
AMSAT # 32411
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