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Re: Carry-On for Airlines

There is a separate FAA regulation (14CFR 91.21, see FAA Advisory Circular 
91.21-1A) dealing with radios and other electronic devices aboard aircraft: 
2-way radios are outside the TSA's authority altogether.

The pilot-in-command has final say as to whether any electronic device may 
be operated aboard his/her aircraft, although most commercial airlines have 
made it their own rule that radios may not be operated at all.  It doesn't 
hurt to ask, once aboard the plane....  my old college roommate was actually 
given permission to use his HT once!  Don't ask the ticket or gate agents, 
or even call the airline itself:  you will most likely be told (incorrectly) 
that it is illegal. Ask the pilot directly, during boarding, or have a 
flight attendant ask him/her.  (Many flight attendants also mistakenly 
believe that it is illegal)

I was once told by a screener in Syracuse, NY that I could not even bring my 
HT aboard.  I simply asked for his supervisor, who clarified the rule to him 
and had him apologize to me!  Unfortunately, when I asked the pilot if I 
could operate, I was told that that particular airline had a blanket rule 
against it. He was a ham himself, and seemed less-than-pleased to have to 
tell me that.

George, KA3HSW

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> Here is a link to the PDF file available at http://www.tsa.gov concerning
> permitted and prohibited items. Electronics and radios are not covered as
> either permitted or prohibited.
> By perusing the list you will see that the concern is for hazardous 
> chemicals
> and explosives as well as sharp and self defense items.
> http://www.tsa.gov/interweb/assetlibrary/Permitted_Prohibited_5_16_2005_v3.pdf
> Of course, any screener can deem any item dangerous and not allow you to 
> take
> it. At that point, I would ask to speak to a supervisor. They must also 
> speak
> to you with dignity and respect. If they don't, get their name and report 
> them
> to a supervisor after you have completed going through the screening. I 
> have
> had to do that on several trips. They don't make sport of passengers 
> playing
> around and they don't like their employees to be unprofessional.
> 73...bruce
> Bruce Paige, KK5DO
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