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Re: Airline Carryon

The thing that has always worried me is the possibility of getting 
halfway to my destination (or halfway back, one or the other) and then 
being faced with no way to get something valuable like an HT to where 
I'm going, or get it home safely.  If some places are "more paranoid" 
than others, the chance is that security at my home airport (AUS) will 
let me on with something that security someplace else will arbitrarily 
decide is "dangerous" and either confiscate or make me check it and 
take the risk of someone in baggage handling deciding they want it more 
than I do.  If I could count on a consistent set of standards and rules 
across the whole system, then I wouldn't be as worried, but I'm just 
not that confident of getting through the system with everything I own 
intact.  Too many of the security people just don't have a clue, or the 
patience and understanding to get one if I offer it.

To be totally honest, I don't fly anymore, partially because my budget 
for radio equipment is very tight as it is and I can't afford to "dump" 
equipment in a major hub airport on the whim of some TSA guy who may 
not even understand the first thing about what I'm trying to bring with 
me.  At least when I drive I don't have to worry **too** much about 
someone singling me out as a "potential terrorist" (there are places to 
worry about that even on road trips, but thankfully few and far 
between), so I can be reasonably sure of getting where I'm going 
without losing something that I had to save up for for several months.  
When I do have to fly, I pick out one bag that will fit in the carry-on 
and whatever doesn't go in it, I don't take with me.  Unfortunately, 
for me, that's just the way it is ..

On Monday, July 4, 2005, at 01:12 PM, Jason Hitesman wrote:

> But they spent more time xraying my girlfriends shoes than my bag.  
> Even in Cleveland where I've found them to be extra paranoid they were 
> more interested in my other carry on (notebook computer) than the bag 
> of radios.
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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB
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