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Re: Airline Carryon

>These locks have a TSA code on them and can be opened either with a 
>combination or a sepecial tool by the TSA. I got mine from Pelican cases.

A lock just tells the baggage thiefs there are valuables inside. It sure won't stop them from cracking it open with a hammer, or cutting the bag open, or just stealing the whole damn thing. And if it gets stolen, you are just out of luck unless you bought insurance. Not to mention the way some airports treat bags. I've seen them tossed out onto the ground when the conveyors didn't work. If you think your radio can take a 15 ft drop to pavement, go right ahead and check it.

All my radios are always carried on. Gel cells included. I sometimes get a little extra attention, but at least it's focused on my bag, and not on my person. The most intense search I've ever had ironically was leaving from Dayton after the hamfest this year. Every single item in my satellite backpack was removed and swabbed by a girl that looked like she was barely old enough to drive. 2 HTs, 2 mobile rigs, a GPS, a compass, a palm, pilot, a 1.2 amp SLA battery, she even swabbed my sealed package of 2 Grandma's old fashioned cookies. And since I had 2 hours until my flight I stood there and watched as she repacked it. The same exact bag walked through Seattle 4 days earlier (including the cookies) and they didn't even blink twice.

Most of the TSA are fairly professional, and almost friendly. But for the ones who are not, be sure and stand your ground. We've already given too much liberty up for this farce they call security. I for one have my heels dug as far in this slippery slope as they will go.

I better stop before I really start ranting.....bottom line is carry it on if you give a damn about it.

73, Drew KO4MA
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