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Re: Airline Carryon

End of June I flew from Phoenix to Nashville and then from Cleveland 
back to Phoenix.  I figured I'd have problems with my carry on for sure 
as it had my camera gear, my HT, my modified FT-23R with a Tiny Track 
built into the battery pack, my gps, a collapsable whip and some rubber 
ducks, a digital voice recorder and a few other odds and ends to go 
along with it all :D

The FT-23R was what worried me the most, being so obviously modified and 
unable to turn it on without a 12 volt supply since the battery is now a 
tracker instead.  And if I had to explain what it was a "radio tracking 
device" sure could sound like something suspicious to bring on a plane!

But they spent more time xraying my girlfriends shoes than my bag.  Even 
in Cleveland where I've found them to be extra paranoid they were more 
interested in my other carry on (notebook computer) than the bag of radios.

Jason Hitesman
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