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Arrow ant. and camera tripod

for Dave, KK7SS,
Here's what I do, and it works nicely:  my tripod weighs 18 oz. and telescopes down to 11".  It has a standard screw-in mount.  Many camera stores have rotatable C clamps that are used to mount cameras in out of the way places.  They are very flexible devices and they also have the same standard screw-in mount for the camera.  They come in a few sizes.  Only a small one is needed.  The one I use has an opening of less than 2".

All that is needed to mount the rotatable C clamp to the tripod is a threaded bushing that matches the screw.  Mine is 7/8" long and to my surprise I got it at my local hardware store.  Any decent hardware store will have them.  Mine barely belongs in the decent category!  Just screw one end of the bushing onto the tripod and the other end onto the C clamp.  Then clamp the Arrow to the C clamp at roughly mid-boom.

Good luck and 73,
Tony, N2UN
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