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Re: Arrow Ant and Camera tripod query

My hearty thanks to all who replied and even sent me 

I'll be taking a two pronged approach..

1) For portable operations I'll be using a camera tripod and 
accessing the threaded hole under the foam grip...

2) For the house (passes greater than 40 degrees' Azimuth) 
I'll be using Emily's (W0EEC) Alt/Az $6 PVC idea -- 
(http://www.emilyshouse.com/W0EEC/ArrowMount.php) with some 
modifications suggested by John (N4NAB)

BTW Emily, the parts cost more than $6 at my local hardware 
store -- but what a great solution  :^))  

O.T. Last night with the help of a tracking program, I knew 
where to look for the ISS... I managed to get something - 
packet?, APRS?, (which was it??) on the 145.800 downlink on 
my D7A(G) but no voice :-((
And the time was just right for me to get a great visual on 
it... WOW! It moves faster than a 747 at 35k feet... also saw 
to other fast objects in retrograde motion but didn't manage 
to identify them

Again, thanks to all, fabrication will start tomorrow .

Dave KK7SS
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