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Re: HAMSAT best with linear antennas

On 4 Jul 2005 at 3:31, William Leijenaar wrote:

> With the use of linear antennas the loss with be
> always 3dB, even with polarization changes due to
> faraday rotation.
> When the ground station uses circular polarization the
> losses will be in the order of 0 to 20dB.
> 0 dB when polarization is same, and up to 20dB when
> polarization changes totally.

I confirm i see S band signal swing from S 7-9 to S9+60m on a 7.5' 
dish with a circular patch feed. On field day i got S5 to S9 on a 
standard linear BBQ grill antenna.

"That a democracy can't do certain things if in fact its citizens 
don't support it"
Lieutenant general James Conway June 16 2005.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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