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Re: Marked differences in published elements?

I noticed a discrepency the other day between Satscape and Orbitron.  I 
usually use Orbitron but my friends prefer Satscape so I gave it a try.

With my computer clock updating off NIST over the internet and both 
programs running the same keps freshly downloaded from Celestrack I had 
fairly major differences in AOS/LOS predictions.

In fact with Satscape I would have missed almost 50% of the passes I 
listened to.  Orbitron was showing the sats coming up almost 5 minutes 
earlier - and sure enough I was able to hear them when Orbitron 
predicted and when Satscape was still showing them as below the horizon 
for me.

Same keps, same time, same location settings in both programs but almost 
a 5 minute difference in AOS.

Not sure if it was something I was doing or what...but I think I'll 
stick with Orbitron for now, it's simple and it does what I need.

Jason Hitesman
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