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R: Helixes and VO-52 (Was: Polarization of HAMSAT downlink)

Hi Dom, Jim and ED...

Your comments are truly appreciated...

As I said, I was going to try and start my Sat adventure with a couple of
QFHs but, after having read your wise suggestion, I believe I'll put the
project on ice for a while...

I want to investigate on 2M/70Cm yagis and try and build a couple of them
for my future Sat station...

Very kind of you to help me understand a bit more each time I read your

Thanks A LOT!

73 de Joe, IW7ECJ

> Da: i8cvs [mailto:domenico.i8cvs@tin.it]
> Oggetto: Re: Helixes and VO-52 (Was: [amsat-bb] Polarization of HAMSAT
> downlink)
> Hi Joe, IW7ECJ
> to start with moderate investment and good efficiency a linear
> horizontal polarization is advisable for uplink and downlink because
> in any circumstance if RHCP or LHCP is required in that particular
> moment you lose only 3 dB with a little more QSB and this is acceptable
> considering that manually switching RHCP/LHCP for the uplink and
> downlink during a pass searching for the best signal it also make the life
> hard to the LEO operator and probably to lose 3 dB is better.
> In addition linear horizontal polarization allow you to use the same
> antennas at maximum efficiency with tropo traffic due of polarization
> match with the others and this is what many VHF/UHF stations do
> using high gain linear antennas for satellite but only for contacts during
> orbits with low satellite elevation.
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