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SSETI Express July update

All work on the  SSETI Express spacecraft has now been completed and the
spacecraft has left its "birthplace" - a cleanroom at the ESA ESTEC facility
in the Netherlands. The spacecraft has been packed into its special
transport container and is en-route to the launch site at Plesetsk
in Northern Russia.

The launch date is still listed as 25th August (current approx lift off is
06:50UTC but this may be corrected later) and arrangements are underway for
the launch to be shown live on ASTRA-1G - a Ku band satellite covering most
of Europe and, hopefully, these transmissions will also be streamed at both
high and low resolution on the internet.

Full details of all these media resources will be made known as soon as they
are finalised as will details of the telemetry downloading and decoding
software and the prizes being offered by ESA for the largest and also the
first contributor!

AMSAT-UK will have a team member at the launch site during the launch
campaign and intend to provide regular updates during the lead up to August


Graham G3VZV
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