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Re: FT-847 Computer Control


The same holds true with CAT control using HRD with my FT-857D.
If you run VOX with short transmissions, the rig updates when the
radio goes into the receive mode. It would be nice it the freqs would update 
in TX mode.

73, Scott

From: "Simon Brown (HB9DRV)" <simon@hb9drv.ch>
Subject: [amsat-bb] FT-847 Computer Control

> So I've been trying to set the TX frequency of the FT-847 via CAT control
> while the radio is in transmit mode - and I just get errors. Same with the
> FT-817. Is it just not possible?
> Assuming it can't be done how does one correctly use a linear transponder
> such as VO-52 with the FT-847 via computer control? While I am 
> transmitting
> I must keep my transmit frequency correctly adjusted so that I don't 
> wander
> over other QSO's.
> I still have more FT-847 testing this next week to try and find the best 
> or
> the worst-case scenarios.
> I am coming to the opinion that the only radio(s) I can correctly use are
> from ICOM as the transmit frequency of the TS-2000 cannot be changed by
> computer control while in transmit mode. I think either the IC-7000 or
> IC-910H will be used.
> Simon Brown
> ---
> www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch 
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