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Re: Re: Up and dwnlink polarization of HAMSAT

 You are correctly quoting the direction of rotation assuming a
2-dimensional object,...
 BUT... there is a third dimension: Hence the need to recall the
three-fingered salute everyone learned in the Physics lab, with one finger
pointing in each plane....
 Radiation leaving the helix is travelling away from you and in a clockwise
direction. This is RHCP.
 Radiation entering the helix is travelling towards you and in an counter
clockwise direction. This is also RHCP.
 Iain KI4HLV
 On 7/3/05, Dave G. <dmg@bossig.com> wrote:
> If my own "Rule of Thumb" is correct, the way I visualize it
> is;
> Starting from the helical antenna feed point, if the electron
> flow is clockwise then it is RHCP. And, viewed from the same
> feed point on the same antenna, any arriving electrons will
> travel to down the helix as LHCP.
> But I don't have a "Rule of Thumb" for crossed yagi's or
> diversity antennae.... they totally confuse me...
> Dave KK7SS
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