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Re: Up and dwnlink polarization of HAMSAT

> The satellite will see the waves going towards earth in
> clock-wize way... Now imagine the waves are comming towards
> you (on earth), then they will be like going like
> anti-clockwize. This seems opposite of your helical winding,
> BUT the waves are going the other way.

If my own "Rule of Thumb" is correct, the way I visualize it 

Starting from the helical antenna feed point, if the electron 
flow is clockwise then it is RHCP. And, viewed from the same 
feed point on the same antenna, any arriving electrons will 
travel to down the helix as LHCP.

But I don't have a "Rule of Thumb" for crossed yagi's or 
diversity antennae.... they totally confuse me...

Dave KK7SS
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