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FT-847 Computer Control

So I've been trying to set the TX frequency of the FT-847 via CAT control 
while the radio is in transmit mode - and I just get errors. Same with the 
FT-817. Is it just not possible?

Assuming it can't be done how does one correctly use a linear transponder 
such as VO-52 with the FT-847 via computer control? While I am transmitting 
I must keep my transmit frequency correctly adjusted so that I don't wander 
over other QSO's.

I still have more FT-847 testing this next week to try and find the best or 
the worst-case scenarios.

I am coming to the opinion that the only radio(s) I can correctly use are 
from ICOM as the transmit frequency of the TS-2000 cannot be changed by 
computer control while in transmit mode. I think either the IC-7000 or 
IC-910H will be used.

Simon Brown
www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch 
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