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I arrived in Caribou ME and have been active in FN66 on FO-29, VO-52 and 
SO-50 (though no contacts on SO-50 thus far except hearing a station in 
the UK at the very end of the pass).

Unfortunately my laptop died (Friday night on a holiday weekend of 
course).  I ordered a new one from IBM and paid for overnight shipping, 
but it probably won't arrive until the 6th or 7th of July.

I will try to be QRV but I won't have any automatic doppler tuning.  So 
on FO-29 and SO-50 I will be tuning the downlink only, and on VO-52 I 
will be tuning the uplink only.

Equipment here is an Icom 910H into an Arrow antenna.  I'm generally 
running 3-5W out of the rig. (my quick guess is that EIRP is about 6-9W 
on 2M and 9-12W on 70cm).  So far the signal reports have been generally 

I may be QRV from Quebec City towards the latter part of next week 
depending on being able to figure out how to hook the 910 to the battery 
in the rental car.  It appears the battery is mounted behind a panel in 
one of the wheel wells, but it would make sense that there is a jumper 
connection someplace I can tap into.  If we go and I can tap into it I 
will post here on the BB.


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