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Helixes and VO-52 (Was: Polarization of HAMSAT downlink)

Ykes!!! Domenico and all experts out there... does this mean that my idea of
building a couple of QFH to start with the sats, won't do any good to my
chances of hear better DL on VO-52??? I mean, of course, without modifying
the construction of the 2M Helix which is, as I understand, devised for the
majority of the Sats already in orbit... :-(

A full blown Sat station with crossed yagis and switchable polarity is out
of the question now, so what is advisable to do to start with moderate

I've made a bunch of QSOs on the VO-52 using my poor Dual Band Vertical
collinear, but it's clearly not the right way to get on the sats...

Any hint would be very appreciated!

73 de Joe, IW7ECJ

PS... Dom... I don't hear you anymore calling on VO-52... what happened?

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> I already anticipated to you that following my observations
> the polarization of downlink for HAMSAT is LHCP in 2 meters.
> Best 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
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