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AO-27 schedule program "feeler"

My son has been working on a Java program for me which will find AO-27's 
current operating state and schedule for the next 24 hours, just like the 
ao27.org website does.  However, his program resides on your computer, 
operates without the need for an internet connection, and has a calendar 
which lets you look at future dates.  He has just finished adding an update 
feature which will retrieve the 2 input files (epoch.txt and topr.txt) from 
the ao27.org website when needed, and is now working on adding printer 
support.  Being Java, it is also platform-independent, and so will run on 
Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix...  any OS which has the Java 2 run-time 
environment installed.

So, my question is, how many of you would be interested in such a program? 
And would you be willing to dole out a small amount to reward a programming 
student for his efforts? (he HAS to give it to me for free:  I'm paying his 

George, KA3HSW 
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