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RE: Pocketsat memory requirement

John n4qwf@ntelos.net wrote:

>I am awaiting the arrival of my new Palm Zire 72 PDA. I am looking forward
>to using it for satellite tracking. I have downloaded the PocketSat
>program and started to read the docs. I can't seem to find any info on the
>memory requirement for this program on this device. The PDA comes with 32
>meg and can be upgraded with a card. I will order one if need be and would
>like to get that coming this way if I need it. Can anyone that is using
>this device with this program offer a suggestion?

Perhaps because PocketSat has no special memory
requirements? Not every system requires a gigabyte
of RAM to run Hello, World. :-)

The documentation mentions that you need PalmOS 3.1
or later. Only a handful of 3.1 devices had less than
8 MB of RAM, and these devices (e.g. Handspring
Visor) would run PocketSat so slowly that they
wouldn't be much fun anyway with a compute-intensive
application like this.

FWIW: I run PocketSat (and a whole bunch of other
stuff) on a Palm Tungsten E (bought over the counter
at Radio Shack). It occupies less than 1 MB.

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