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OT Yaesu & HRD (Was: Linear Transponder Support)

Simon, does this mean that you may take care of some oddities in the
FT1000-and-the-like implementation?

There are quite a few buttons that don't work or work partly in the FT1000
command screen...

Oh well... now that you make me think about it, the FT1000 is no more
connected to the PC after acquisition that the TS2000 :-)

Thanks for every bit of time you devote to this project, Simon...

73 de Joe, IW7ECJ

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> Da: owner-AMSAT-BB@amsat.org [mailto:owner-AMSAT-BB@amsat.org] Per conto
> di Simon Brown (HB9DRV)
> I probably said 'no more Yaesu' after getting very frustrated with Yaesu's
> rather unique approaches to serial control and associated documentation.
> But I'm over that now - the medication is working well.
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