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How to change a Field Day into a FANTASTIC DAY : A summary ...

OK, Thanks to the list ! I believe I have now some ideas on how to make a Field Day event, a fantastic event !!

Let me summarise :
0) The originating idea of the Field Day is to "mimic the spontaneous erection of an emergency communications network with no prior warning after a disaster strikes" [from JP Toscano, W0JT]
1) Pre-inform potential attendees
2) Select a nice outdoor location (criteria are : radio operations, sightseeing, nature, reacheability, suitability for kids games) 
3) Prepare contacts (sat status, access times, frequencies and modes)
4) Select radio equipment accordingly (KISS and robust !)
5) Bring some beer (optionally water) and something to eat 
6) Bring your family, your AMSAT friends, and some newcomers to satellite radio 
7) Bring some field power supply (solar arrays, batteries, generator)
8) Set up a weather protected area (depending of conditions : rain, heat, ...) with tables and seats
9) Set up your radio equipment and PC (for logging, pass visualization)
10) Operate ... rest ... operate ... talk with attendees ... operate ... play with children ... operate ...drink some beer ... [make your own choices here]
11) At the end, dismantle, and say "Thanks ! See you next time !" ...

Is there something missing ? 
Best 73 de IW2NMB, Florio
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