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Re: Sweetening the offer for new members

Gunther Meisse wrote:
> Attention Non-Members:
> As I am sure you saw on the -bb yesterday, we have a great offer going for
> the next two weeks with a generous member offering to match the new member
> sign-up dues up to $1,000.00. Well, the offer gets even better today when
> member, Jeff Davis, KE9V, makes the following offer for the next 23 new
> member sign-ups: "I'd be willing buy the new AMSAT book, 'Getting Started
> With Amateur Satellites' ($15 each) for each of those 22 new AMSAT members
> who joins in the next few weeks." Thanks Jeff..
> The bottom line is: You win as a new AMSAT member. You receive the latest
> edition of a great AMSAT book absolutely free and AMSAT wins with a dues
> match.. 
> Let's take these generous members up on their offers!!!
> Martha is waiting to take your call and the clock is ticking, so act now!!
> Regards,
> Gunther Meisse
> AMSAT Treasurer

I was going to just quietly do this and I already let Kevin know 
off-list that I joined via the website a few minutes ago, but since Jeff 
now has another offer out there, I'll go ahead and post.

This is one fence-sitter who really doesn't do anything on the birds 
that went ahead and joined AMSAT.  Somewhat because I felt that Kevin's 
offer was fantastic, and somewhat because I felt guilty for picking on 
him!  (Heh heh!)

Seriously, though...

AMSAT provides more than just satellites to the Amateur community, 
that's plain from the great people on -BB here.  Technical resources 
galore, a gathering place for some of the sharpest and best minds in 
Amateur radio design, leadership, and an organization devoted to 
supporting some of the most highly technical aspects, of our hobby -- 
and out more in the public eye than just about any other organization in 
Ham Radio.

Jeff, I don't need the book, I think I already have a copy of it around 
here somewhere.  Someone else mentioned that you could still send in the 
money to AMSAT as a direct donation for Eagle, but I'll leave that 
totally up to you.  Thank you for your kind offer.

Kevin and Jeff are generous folks.  Nicely done guys.  All very much in 
the spirit of Ham Radio I remember from my Elmer, who's been SK for many 

Nate WY0X
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