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Re: reminiscing a bit

Greg D. wrote:

 > Nope.  "... a big step for me" was Pete Conrad's quote, from the next 
mission, Apollo 12.
 > Come to think of it, I can't remember what Aldrin's words were.
 > Greg  KO6TH

Ahh darn it... you're right.  My brain's fried tonight.  ;-)

Good thing I'm not a historian!

Aldrin's "famous" quote was the "Magnificent desolation" comment he made 
about how it all looked when he got down the ladder after Armstrong.


Pretty neat choice of words.  Very short sentence to adequately describe 
the landscape of a number of really neat places here on Earth, too.  The 
Desert southwest comes to mind.  Four Corners, Shiprock, the Pink Sand 
Dunes in Utah, the top of any 14,000' mountain...

Anyway, glad you caught my goof.  The Apollo program was winding down 
while I was still a kid, but I'm a huge fan.  One of the capsules made 
its way through the museum here a few years ago, and I loved looking at 
all that hand-wiring and soldering behind the panels (they'd removed the 
outer shell and replaced it with plexiglass so you could see the 
worksmanship behind various outer panels of the capsule)... and was 
amazed that all the wires behind the panels were all the same outer 
insulator color -- white.  Ouch... that must have been no fun to work on!

Nate WY0X
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