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Re: 2006 Slate of BOD Candidates

Stuart sent me this privately, but I'll just be open and share my reply
with the group.  I'm certainly willing to admit when I did something
wrong!  Big time...

Stuart Williams wrote:
> On 6/29/05, Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com> wrote:
>>Emily Clarke and Bruce Paige post here often.  Emily maintains the
>>website and Bruce Paige is the Awards Manager and also is heard
>>regularly on Amateur Radio Newsline giving the "Satellite Update".
> Eek!
> You might want to check out the thread on the mailing list "[amsat-bb]
> Slate of Officers Issue BOD / Elections", in which Kevin apologizes
> for his message, and even offers to match the membership fees of those
> who join AMSAT in the next few weeks (up to $1000).

Aww hell.  That's quite a change of heart.  I'll apologize.  It's so
rare to see a person whining like that change their mind and step up to
help, that I never thought that'd be in the other 135 messages I haven't
read yet.

I'm probably also a bit more cynical about volunteerism than most since
I'm dumb enough to have been on a number of Boards of clubs and such and
every time there's always someone who'll complain loudly about how the
Board is doing things, but they certainly don't run for a seat or offer
to do any of the real work of the organization.

Kevin: If you're reading along here, please accept my apology.

>>You're not very plugged into what's going on if you missed that. 
> Being a bit hypocritical? :P

Heh... yeah, I guess.  71.5 hour work week last week, and tearing the
floors out of my 40 year old house to get down to the original
hardwoods.  They built houses great back then, and I love the place, but
bad timing on when to start THAT project!  :-)

Didn't get much time to, sleep, let alone read my e-mail.  Just started
catching up tonight.  Should have read all the way through all my
AMSAT-BB mail before hitting that reply key.

I just have a hair-trigger on people who pick on volunteers - especially
if they don't volunteer themselves.  Kevin appears to have figured it
out, and his heart is in the right place.

> Stuart VE3SWF

Thanks for the heads-up Stuart, you're a scholar and a gentleman!
(GRIN)  I'm going to go sit in the corner with my dunce hat on, now!

Nate WY0X
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