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Lee McLamb BoD Candidate Information

Fellow AMSAT Members,

I am glad that we have a forum like the AMSAT-BB which allows for open
communication and discussion.  It also is important because of both the
opportunity for interaction and freedom from the space constraints of
other media that it provides.  In this case it affords me the chance to
share with you some of my background and why I would like your support
during the upcoming election.

I have been interested in radio since first constructing a AM broadcast
crystal radio kit in the third grade.  My first FCC license was the
Commercial 3rd Class Radiotelephone with Broadcast endorsement which I
received at the age of 14.  By the time I graduated high school I held
the Commercial First Class Radiotelephone license.  It was while working
with fellow broadcast engineers that I was finally encouraged to get my
first amateur license in 1980.  I was introduced to amateur satellites
in 1982 and was immediately hooked.  Amateur satellites have been my
primary ham radio interest ever since.

In my current job I work as a Superintendent of Range Operations at Cape
Canaveral AFS.  In that role I am constantly working with and organizing
teams to plan and execute the communications, radar, telemetry and
command support required for launches.  This experience has helped me
learn to communicate effectively among groups with differing
backgrounds.  Also do to the variety of systems involved I am accustomed
to working with "systems of systems".  To have a successful mission
involves ensuring that plans account for the realities and requirements
of both spaceflight as well as the equipment and Users on the ground.

As a new member of the AMSAT Board of Directors I would continue working
to make the Mission and Vision of AMSAT a reality.  I am fully committed
to the Eagle program and the goal to provide daily and eventually
continuous access to satellites in high Earth orbit (HEO).  Having
multiple satellites in orbit and under construction is the key to
avoiding those long periods of time during which our gear sits idle and
gathering dust while preparing for the next launch.  Having a reliable
and dependable satellite constellation will also promote membership
growth.  It will represent a fundamental change as amateur satellites
move from being a technical curiosity to a useful tool for routine
communication, disaster preparedness, experimentation and education.

To make Eagle, and the new AMSAT Vision, a reality will require much
more than just technical capabilities.  It will also require significant
fund raising, membership building and greatly improved communications
both within the membership, with other amateur radio operators and to
those who may be interested in sponsoring or donating to our projects.
I believe that I can contribute significantly in guiding AMSAT through
this process by ensuring that all of those areas receive appropriate
attention.  Each one makes a critical contribution to the overall goal
of being able to communicate by satellite at any time on any day.  

Improving AMSAT's communications both within and outside the
organization is very important to me.  Within AMSAT I have been an
editor for the AMSAT News Service for several years as well as authoring
articles for the Journal to help make information readily available.  I
regularly read the AMSAT-BB and follow its discussion threads.  I've
also spent considerable time studying the results of the member survey
to help me understand the positions of our members.  One interesting
point from the survey that has been frequently overlooked is that ~79%
of AMSAT-BB subscribers ARE members.  As such I think it is very
important for any AMSAT leader to follow the discussion here including
the insights that might be gained from the 21% who are not members
(yet).  In doing outreach work for AMSAT I've been donating 1/2 my
annual vacation each year mentoring and attending workshops to help
educational groups understand the amateur satellite service and AMSAT.
I've also been representing AMSAT at conferences where the people
developing new launch opportunities for small satellites explain their
programs and how ridesharing opportunities are negotiated.

Working to improve AMSAT's communications and making the Vision of 24/7
availability a reality is why I am asking for and would appreciate your
vote for the AMSAT Board of Directors.

Lee McLamb, KU4OS
ANS Editor
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