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The AMSAT Journal


At long last the very late May/June 2005 issue of The AMSAT Journal was
uploaded to the printer last night. The printer is working on it now.
Unfortunately I am not sure how long it will take to get into your hands. He
does have a few file problems that I'm working to rectify now.

Once again I apologize for the delay. I did not have enough content to pull
together a full issue until very late. I didn't have content for the last open
page until two nights ago.

As I've said quite a few times on the BB, if you have content that you would
like to submit to the Journal please let me know. I can do the fine tuning on
your documents and pictures. You do not have to be an Oxford-educated writer
(or other university) to write a successful article. We'll help you. That's
our job as the editorial staff.

One more comment, as is so often heard on this BB, this is a volunteer
organization. The Journal does not get done without someone writing the
articles. I don't write them. But when you do receive this upcoming issue,
look at the list of authors and compare those names to the list of articles in
your recent stack of Journals and notice the repetition. Some folks are
writing over and over again for the Journal (and doing an excellent job). Not
to leave anyone out, but Gould Smith and Barry Baines immediately come to
mind. Others as well. We need some variety. Why don't you spend some time and
write about something interesting you are doing? The just recent Field Day
event is an excellent topic among many others. I love to see pictures of
tripods sitting in the field filled with satellite antennas on the cover of
the Journal.

Again, thank you for your patience. A number of us including Officers and BoD
members have started discussions on a process to further improve the Journal,
its timeliness and its content. I for one, and I am sure there are many
others, want The AMSAT Journal to be a publication we all can be very proud of
and the premier publication in the hobby. We have work to do but we can do it.
After all, We are Rocket Scientists!

Regards and 73,

Ed Long

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