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Re: Board candidacy of N4HY (too long)

On 28 Jun 2005 at 16:42, Robert McGwier wrote:

> The current AMSAT-NA leadership supports the P3E mission.
> I believe this is the correct path.  We do not have a
> launch for Eagle.  We are constrained in our development
> because we cannot determine what kind of orbit we will
> get form the launcher and cannot determine many of its
> critical system needs because of this.  We need P3E to
> build a new cadre of supporters.  We need it as badly
> as AMSAT-DL does.  We need it to draw new technical
> talent to the organization and I support it strongly.

First NEW commentary about EAGLE thermometer problems
Its hard to ask for donation when no firm target is establish.

If AMSAT can present a "Real business project" for Eagle including a 
one time "satellite/launch" fee per project. I'm convince the 
thermometer will be topped pretty soon.

I again refer this audience to our local marina dredging fee. The BOD 
want to dredge the marina to get rid of accumulated sand and sediment 
but they cannot found funds they choose to implement this dredging 
fee. 250$ its a lot of money but we should be aware that we favour an 
expensive hobby (BTW much less expensive than some other) trying to 
tell the crowd that we can do satellite communication with cheap and 
with cheap HT'S can only lead to bad surprised and disappointments 
when time come to build a real satellite station!

For the ME ME NOW commenting it is better to get 4000 times 150$ than 
sporadic donations. As a self employed i live by concrete results. An 
obscure concept for some civil servant embedded in red tapes an 
papers forms.

I salute any effort to increased the membership but i will have a 
very hard time to sell membership card with the present EAGLE 

As an another suggestion to the present and future BOD members an 
experienced marketing guy will be a very important addition to the 
BOD but even the most skilled marketers will not be able to produce 
any results if the product is hard to sell.

Robert McGwier "seems" to be more connected to reality lets hope 
actual reality will not interfere with his dreams and wishes.

"That a democracy can't do certain things if in fact its citizens 
don't support it"
Lieutenant general James Conway June 16 2005.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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