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R: R: Vo-52 Daft Question

Hi Iain...


Thank you for your suggestion... your comments are very appreciated here...


I've been doing something similar a few days back, when I started looking
into this stuff, but I preferred to correct that constant offset with the
XIT function of the RTX...


Needless to say, it worked fine, but the whole thing gets tricky and I often
forgotten to clear XIT if I needed the RIT on the other party's signal...
there is no way to have XIT AND RIT together in the TS-2000...


I'll be trying to offset the stored frequencies in HRD sometime this week,
but I'm afraid it would be a bit tricky as well, since I usually start
calling in the center of the transponder passband, then I QSY around looking
for signals...


I'll let you know what comes out...


Thank you again, Iain...


73 de Joe, IW7ECJ


I have a simple suggestion which may fix your problem completely:


You probably have 145.9000 programmed into HRD for your rx, and 435.2500
programmed as your tx, right?


You have to adjust the transponder center frequencies programmed into HRD
slightly, to take account of the fact that your rig is displaying the
frequency of the suppressed carriers, not the center of the audio passband
for tx and rx. 
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