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Re: AMSAT Membership and Slate of Officers Issue BOD/Elections


Thank you for your generous offer to match new membership dues with a  
contribution to AMSAT.  Your 'challenge' to those who are not  
currently an AMSAT member provides an interesting and exciting  
incentive to increase membership levels.    Hopefully it will result  
in more than the 23 new members joining the team resulting in a full  
allocation of your $1,000 offer.  BTW, anyone who is an AMSAT member  
as of June 30, 2005 is eligible to vote in the upcoming BOD  
election.  This means that new members must have their AMSAT  
membership with payment delivered by this Thursday to Martha in order  
to participate in this year's election process. The ability to vote  
for BOD candidates is certainly a very important benefit of AMSAT  
membership which Rick, W2GPS noted yesterday in his posting.

On a different subject...a number of postings have recently been made  
on amsat-bb regarding the upcoming BOD election.  While I know that  
you were disappointed that you didn't receive a reply from most of  
the  BOD candidates,  I trust that everyone can appreciate the timing  
of this past weekend with Field Day.  I personally spent 21 straight  
hours at the Field Day site here in Concord, NC running a satellite  
station plus working 40 & 80 meter stations.  I went 33 hours without  
sleep.  The preparation for Field Day prior to  'kickoff' was also  
extensive.   So please excuse the lack of response.  I was also  
focusing on handling several issues this past week on behalf of AMSAT  
as VP-Marketing & User Services.

I hope that my write-up will not only provide some personal  
information but address some of the questions that our members may  
have. In the meantime, prior to receiving the ballot along with my  
candidate's statement, may I suggest a review of past articles of the  
AMSAT Journal which I have written that should provide you with an  
insight into the future direction of AMSAT as well as the challenges  
that we face.  In particular, you may wish to review "This is NOT  
Your Father's AMSAT" on page 6 of the January/February 2005 issue of  
the AMSAT Journal which provides an extensive discussion of the  
strategic planning process and resulting Mission and Vision  
Statements that the BOD has embraced.  You may also want to take a  
look at the March/April 2005 issue of the AMSAT Journal where there  
are two articles that I wrote which you may find helpful.  The first  
one is "AMSAT Dues Changes and Membership" (p.15) which provides not  
only the reasons for the dues increase to $44.00 but discusses  
membership impacts and the significant milestones achieved by AMSAT  
in the past year.  The second article is "More on the New AMSAT" (p. 
5) which addresses a number of issues raised on amsat-bb concerning  
communication with the membership.  That article also highlights the  
critical role that the AMSAT Journal and ANS play as our principal  
means of communicating with the membership.  As this type of  
information is of interest to every AMSAT member, you will find this  
material only in the AMSAT Journal.

If, after receiving your ballot and reviewing my Candidate's  
Statement and AMSAT Journal articles, should you have specific  
questions, please don't hesitate to ask me directly.  As ballots will  
be mailed to the membership by July 15 and completed ballots must be  
delivered to the AMSAT office no later than September 15, there is  
plenty of time for discussion prior to members making a decision.

Again, thank you for your willingness to encourage AMSAT membership  
and to provide the resources to make this a successful effort.


Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Marketing & User Services and BOD Member

On Jun 27, 2005, at 9:37 PM, kevin schuchmann wrote:

> Hi All,
>    First off I would like to thank Rick and others who have posted  
> to the
> BB the info for their re-election, I KNEW  that AMSAT works hard  
> for its
> members but that it is not always clearly visible at all times.
>  In retrospect my second sarcastic email  to the BB was out of line  
> and
> there were much better ways to have re-approached the subject.
> AMSAT needs more members and more income if these people are going  
> to be
> able give us what we want... more SATS!
> To that end I would like to put my money where my big mouth is, I will
> match the $44 membership fee  for every one of you non-members here  
> on the
> BB that joins in the next two weeks up to $1000 dollars. If you  
> have been
> sitting on the fence please look at what some of the BOD's have  
> been doing
> for you to use the Sats that you have now like ECHO  and join AMSAT  
> knowing
> that your membership fee will be matched and will go to AMSAT's latest
> project EAGLE.
> 73
> Kevin
> #19623
> P.S. I don't know if you will be joining in time for this years  
> election, but there is always next
> year :-)
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