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Thank you for your generous offer. It is positive efforts like yours that
will make a difference!!!

Now, come on non members. What better time to join then right now? Your
sign-up has double the financial impact.. We need just 22 new sign-ups
within the next two weeks to take full advantage of this generous offer.....

Either, go to the amsat.org web site, or call "Martha" after 10AM EDT at
(301) 589-6062.. She is standing by to help you!!

Gunther Meisse
AMSAT Treasurer

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Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 9:37 PM
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Subject: [bod] Slate of Officers Issue BOD / Elections

Hi All,

    First off I would like to thank Rick and others who have posted to the
BB the info for their re-election, I KNEW  that AMSAT works hard for its
members but that it is not always clearly visible at all times.

  In retrospect my second sarcastic email  to the BB was out of line and
there were much better ways to have re-approached the subject.

AMSAT needs more members and more income if these people are going to be
able give us what we want... more SATS!

 To that end I would like to put my money where my big mouth is, I will
match the $44 membership fee  for every one of you non-members here on the
BB that joins in the next two weeks up to $1000 dollars. If you have been
sitting on the fence please look at what some of the BOD's have been doing
for you to use the Sats that you have now like ECHO  and join AMSAT knowing
that your membership fee will be matched and will go to AMSAT's latest
project EAGLE.


P.S. I don't know if you will be joining in time for this years election, 
but there is always next
year :-)
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