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Board candidacy of N4HY (too long)

As a former board member and officer of AMSAT, I
understand the workings of the organization and hope
to be able to bring this experience as well as my
professional experiences to aid this organization in
its planning for a successful future.

I have been involved in several AMSAT building projects.
The last project I worked on resulting in a launch
was the Microsat series and I was involved in the
early days of the AO-40 design. I wrote Quiktrak tracking
software through the early 1990's.  Tom Clark, W3IWI,
and I started the AMSAT/TAPR DSP project.  My dsp
activities continue to the present.

During most of the 1990's my job kept me out of the
country more than I was in the country and my amateur
radio activities dwindled to nil as all of my free time
was spent raising my three kids.  Recently my amateur
radio juices have begun flowing again in both operating
and technical circles and my youngest is a senior in
high school.

Operating at K3LR, W2GD, and N2NT I have several wins
and top tens in the past three years in contests.  At last
check, I was 7-th for the 2005 ARRL SSB DX contest doing
single op at N2NT.  Prior to my amateur radio hiatus,
I was a team member at N2RM which won many contests during
the last 1980's and early 1990's.

My current AMSAT technical involvements include P3E, Eagle,
and P5A. I am helping to design the transponders for Eagle
and will be demonstrating a software defined radio based
transponder at this year's annual meeting.  I am helping
with the IHU-3 testing and software development for P3E,
P5A, and Eagle.

My current amateur radio offices include vice-president of
Packrats (Mt. Airy VHF Society, tenure ends July 1) and
chairman of the ARRL's Software Defined Radio working
group (on this group for two years, and was selected
as its new chairman one month ago).  With Frank Brickle,
AB2KT, I wrote the digital processing software in Flex
Radio's SDR-1000.

I have been involved in AMSAT for 25 years.  The technical
involvement became serious when I wrote Quiktrak with the
AOS/LOS search algorithm in 1982 for the Commodore 64 just
before, and in support of, the launch of AO-10.  My belief
in and excitement about AMSAT activities is as strong
now as it was then. It has become quite clear to me we have
some serious hill climbing to do. We have some rebuilding
to do in several areas (technical and organizational).  It
says something when the organization has had to buy a
satellite from an outside organization and otherwise, has not
built a satellite strictly on its own since 1989 (AMSAT-NA).
AMSAT has begun to move back into satellite building on its own
and in cooperation with our sister organizations. Recovering
from this state of affairs will take careful technical guidance
and political guidance.  This will need to come from the
board of directors of this organization just as it always
has.  This is clear when one studies this organization's

I believe in support for HEO development.  I support the
AMSAT current mission statement which clearly states its
goal to design and launch HEO satellites and to provide
some support for LEO efforts OUTSIDE the organization.
This makes sense and I support it.  I believe strongly
that we benefit both directly and indirectly from our
support for manned amateur radio activities on the shuttle
and the space station. There are those that claim this
interferes with development of HEO.  This is demonstrably
untrue.  AMSAT has taken advantage of every serious
opportunity it has had to build and launch satellites in
cooperation with AMSAT-DL.  This has been necessary because
they have access to the launch authority.  The technical
people working on the manned space missions are for the
most part, different.  The one strong overlap is Lou
McFadin and I see this as no problem.  Lou ran the
integration facility for AO-40.  The current situation is
that given a million dollars,  we could begin building
Eagle PARTS, or subsystems. We do not have a launch.
The launch opportunity almost completely defines the
mission and I will be helping the organization aggressively
pursue, through my technical input, any opportunity that

The current AMSAT-NA leadership supports the P3E mission.
I believe this is the correct path.  We do not have a
launch for Eagle.  We are constrained in our development
because we cannot determine what kind of orbit we will
get form the launcher and cannot determine many of its
critical system needs because of this.  We need P3E to
build a new cadre of supporters.  We need it as badly
as AMSAT-DL does.  We need it to draw new technical
talent to the organization and I support it strongly.
I am both an operator and technical developer as my
history shows.  I have always told people exactly what
I think and you can continue to count on me for
straightforward honesty and a careful analysis of this
organization's needs. I look forward to another
opportunity to serve this organization in an elected
capacity.  I will be happy to entertain any questions
directed privately to me.

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