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SAT Mode on IC-910H / FT-847


I don't own a radio with SAT mode, please help me here.

I set the RX VFO to 145.900, the TX VFO to 435.350 and press the SAT button.

[1] What happens if I change the RX freq to 145.910 - what is the new TX

[2] What happens if I change the TX freq to 435.340 - what is the new RX

To correctly compensate for Doppler on VO-52 I assume that I must update
*both* VFO's even when the radio is in SAT mode.

Exactly what does SAT mode do - in simple terms please :)

Myself I am looking at controlling two radios, probably TX with the FT-817 and
RX with IC-7800 + transverter.

Simon Brown
www.hb9drv.ch www.laax.ch
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