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SatPC32 and IC-910H CAT problem. Any help?

     I have setup SatPC32 ver. 12.3 according to the documentation supplied. I
have the 910H parameters configured as suggested ( CI 9600 baud etc.). I've
tried several baudrate and delay combos but no luck. The radio does not
respond to the software. I have tried this on my Dell 2 gHz. and my Compaq
laptop. The comports work fine on both, (COM1). The radio responds fine to
comport commands from ITUNE(InstantTrack). I'm using a generic version of the
CT-17 cable that has worked fine for many months. Am I losing my mind and
forgot something incredibly basic, or is there a setup idiosyncrasy?
TIA for your help,
Shawn, N1HOQ     N1HOQ at comcast dot net
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