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Gunther Meisse Election Bio 2005

Dear AMSAT members:

With the election just days away, I thought it would be appropriate for me
to post this outline of my qualifications and a brief history of my
activities during the last two years on the AMSAT Board. This same basis
info, in abbreviated form, will be distributed with the ballots.

I have been active in AMSAT, dating back to the OSCAR 5 & 6, and have served
as a Board member for the last two years as well as having served as AMSAT
Treasurer. I pledged to spend time developing the necessary documentation to
allow us to pursue a National Fund drive to endow AMSAT for future Satellite
development projects and Educational Outreach projects. To that end, I have
produced two Annual Reports, developed the Volunteer Reporting System that
gives AMSAT credit for the time spent by our many volunteers, formed an
Endowment Committee with the required documentation and structure, conducted
a Membership Profile, developed, applied for, and obtained Certification by
the Federal CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) creating the opportunity for
Federal Employees to make charitable gifts to AMSAT through payroll
deduction. Additionally, I am completing the national "Case for Support"
which will be used to solicit a National Professional Fundraising
Organization to conduct the Feasibility Study required to ascertain the
potential for a successful national fund drive. I have regularly published
in the Journal as well as producing materials for the Web site, presently
serve as the chairman of the Ad Hock Database Enrichment Committee which is
focused on moving all AMSAT database elements to a unified, internet based,
state of the art, database system which can facilitate "Members-Only"
services on our Web site and support better management systems.  

In my "Day-job" I am a professional broadcast owner, operating two
commercial television stations and two commercial radio stations in
Mansfield, OH. I built my first radio station in my late teens and have
spent the last 40+ years loving every minute of it.. I have served in the
usual community leadership positions including Rotary club, local Economic
Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce, and the like. I am currently
on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Broadcasters and
the Radio Advertising Bureau. I am married with a blended family of six
children and fifteen grandchildren (next week 16).. I live in Mansfield, OH,
winter in Naples, FL, love to fish, and play with my Ham radio stuff..

If elected for a second term on your BoD, I will continue these projects as
well as develop new ones which will help build the dynamic new AMSAT we will
need to accomplish the "Eagle Vision" and provide the Educational Leadership
role that AMSAT must pursue for a lasting future, and which we owe our

I ask for your support in the upcoming election for a second term on the
AMSAT Board of Directors.

If you have specific questions, drop me a line at : w8gsm@amsat.org

Gunther Meisse
AMSAT LM#: 594
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