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AMSAT Members,

I read every e-mail on amsat-bb and have for the past three years. The information I
gain from reading these messages influences my actions as president and Board member
but does not control them.

I have noticed the discussion about the upcoming Board election, for which I and
others are hoping for your votes.  A few people seem upset that the candidates have
not chosen to immediately begin to engage in an active campaign using the amsat-bb
mailing list as their outlet. Other guessed correctly that candidates might just be
busy or perhaps would prefer to be contacted directly with a polite invitation. I
have not received one single e-mail on the subject of the elections, which I find

To give you a glimpse of what it means to donate time and energy to AMSAT here are
some of the things I have been doing for you in May and June:

. Attended an unprecedented ex-parte meeting at the FCC about orbital debris.
. Worked the AMSAT booth during SpaceDay at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum's
new Udvar-Hazy Center.
. Spent a week at MIT's Haystack Observatory (partly work).
. Presented a paper at the AMSAT-DC annual symposium.
. Presented a paper at the Dayton Hamvention and worked the AMSAT booth.
. Wrote the Apogee View column for the AMSAT Journal.
. Assisted in the AMSAT booth at the Rochester NY Hamfest
. Visited five Field Day operations and assisted with setup and satellite operations.
. Wrote a paper on my Field Day experiences for the Journal.

The few days in between these events were devoted to earning a living and answering
e-mails. So please forgive me if I haven't jumped into amsat-bb discussions as
quickly as I should. Remember, all the candidates are volunteers and many work very
hard for AMSAT.

I will discuss any issue of interest to the membership, especially as it relates to
the upcoming election.  I have written my election statement that will be included
with the ballots, which is very important as the majority of voting members are not
receiving amsat-bb messages.

If you want to know more about me or my opinions, just ask. I will answer all
questions as time permits.  There is plenty of time before the election so be
patient. Because this is about an election I will give priority to responding to
member's questions.  Non-members should consider that the right to vote is the single
most important benefit of AMSAT membership.

AMSAT President
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