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Re: S band to 70cms converters.

Edward R. Cole said:
> David,
> For the Drake the answer is: Yes!   I have a Drake converted with a 7.68
> MHz xtal (Mouser #520-HCU768-20) and also converted IF and external
> power vs. up the coax cable.  All were documented back in 1998 or 1999.
> Recently someone poated the link to a webpage with the instructions.  I
> cannot give that to you as my main computer has suffered a HD crash and
> my list of links is unavailable.
> Perhaps someon will post that here or you can find it in the archive of
> about one month ago.
> 73's Ed - KL7UW
> At 08:46 AM 6/27/05 -0400, G0MRF@aol.com wrote:
>>Does anyone know if the Drake or the Transystems converters will work
> with a
>>crystal to give a 70cms IF output?  i.e. will the VCO lock.
>>I have discovered a company here selling 7.68MHz crystals for just 40p
>> (abt   75cents) and that would give 2400 = 433.92   or 434.0  with
>> luck.
>>It maybe a possible way around the problem of 3G mobile phone base
>> stations   operating on the image of a 144MHz Intermediate frequency.

The link was posted this morning...

It was necessary to add one small capacitor (SMD) to get the VCO locked
after the crystal change and the mod instructions show where to put it.

Mike W4LNA
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