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Re: Slate of Officers Issue BOD


>One huge issue which has bothered me for years is why does AMSAT 
>have such a huge loss of members?  It seems we loose about 80 to 90 
>percent of all the members who joined.  Why?

Probably some don't understand why they should send more money when 
they pay their membership fee!

Why my membership money does not contributes a cent for satellites 
construction? all my membership fee only pay the administrative cost 
including the AMSAT journal!

>We should actively solicit the input of former members as to why 
>they left the organization.  A lot can be learned.  Sure, some left 
>because the kind of satellite they enjoy  isn't on-orbit.  Some 
>died.  Some found satellite operations were not their cup of tea.  
>But that doesn't explain the HUGE churn rate AMSAT has.  Something 
>else is wrong!

You want to know "what is wrong" just look the eagle thermometer he's 
still at 27028$. The new member who just enter AMSAT paying XYZ$ to a 
group who should provide his membership communication satellites will 
discover that he will have to send more money for that purpose!!!

It takes 600000$ to launch eagle we are 4000 members this make 150$ 
per member and 150$ is the real AMSAT membership fee to achieve 
actually Eagle.

150$ is too much even if many of us are buying equipment in the 1000$ 
per year? Make a plan to regroup all the international resources and 
focus on only one project at the time. Let the cube/LEO sats doing 
their own business alone they don't need AMSAT they already prove it 
at numerous occasion and they are able to send their satellite by 
their own means.

BOD officers will be evaluated on what they accomplish not on what 
they want to do...

AMSAT machine is too costly and should be sized down in the first 
place. AMSAT should be reselled under his first mission "Amateur 
communication satelites providers" The machine is actually involved 
in so many different goals that they are unable to effectively be 
able to cope with those goals.

If BOD candidates cannot provided us any new ideas or poject instead 
of their past background i still don't know why they want to enters 
BOD? I don't know how a PHD guy without any vision can be of any help 
for AMSAT?

On the last and long AMSAT president explanations letter there was a 
confirmation that BOD members due to many reasons cannot always read 
AMSAT-BB and they prefer to answer on direct questions... From my 
point of view it is a mistake they should listen the membership and 
if the new candidates who want to joined BOD are under this same 
spirit they should not go there.

If they cannot cope with questioning and criticism yes criticism! it 
is a part of the job if you don't want to be criticized stay home...

I renew my membership this year but if the right questions remains 
not addressed i will have to reevaluate how my few $$$ can give me 
the best return on my investment.. Always having in mind amateur 
satellite provider mission.

I'm happy this year to not start this thread :) but i can see many of 
my past comments are shared by others.

This is a personal AMSAT Quebec coordonnator opinion! proudly using 
this "open discussion forum" and sharing this opinion at 100% and i 
quote "I believe in AMSAT-BB as an open forum" end of quote.

"That a democracy can't do certain things if in fact its citizens 
don't support it"

Lieutenant general James Conway June 16 2005.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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