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Responses to Slate of Officers Issue BOD

Hi Emily...

How about using both "sincerity and a well thought out process" in a
response that can be read by members and non-members alike?

BTW...a response which says..."hi guys and gals...I'm tied up in ham radio
matters right now but I do want to respond and will as soon as things get
settled down" is a very diplomatic way of delaying a response....

I personally would like what your position is and how you can accomplish
marinating the website and being on the BOD...


"There is one other thing I needed to consider.  The subscriber list of the
BB is made up of both members and non-members.  While I hope that the
coming year will bring a Member's Only forum (or alternatively that we can
appeal to non-member BB subscribers to Join AMSAT)

I believe the biggest task the next board will face is appealing to
non-members and attracting them to be new and returning members.  Posting a
candidate statement here in advance isn't the right way to do it.  Reaching
out to new and returning members is complex and requires both sincerity and
a well thought out process."
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