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RE: Slate of Officers Issue BOD

While I agree with your statement that board members and officers
should be on the list to hear the voices of the membership,
unfortunately this is not the list in which this can be done.  Far
too often we have non-members that feel it is their right to make
their voice heard to our BOD and officers and this just isn't right.
They should step up to the plate and at LEAST pay their dues if not
get more involved in the organization and help it become a success.

I'll support the candidate that brings more benefits to being a
member so that when big decisions need to happen we are better
represented.  We need a members-only list and resources on the
website and mail aliases.

I think that instead of just a bio, we should get a fact sheet
telling us what each candidate plans to do during their term and what
they support and...  We shouldn't be voting based on name
recognition, but we need to have the facts.  Right now the only way
to give these facts out to the entire membership is by mailing
everything out with the ballot.  I wish their were a better way and I
know there can be.  We just have to get the right people in place to
make this happen.

Just my 2 cents worth...


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It's refreshing to see an open discussion on the upcoming BOD
elections on amsat-bb.  As others have pointed out, this IS a
critical yearly happening within AMSAT and the vote of every member
is important.

I for one would like to see from each candidate is a list what they
perceive as the top five challenges AMSAT faces over the course of
the next two years and how they plan to address those issues should
they be elected to the board.

Far too many votes are cast on name recognition alone.  That's wrong
folks.  We should be addressing issues and proposed solutions to
those issues.  The standard candidate statements of the past have
been little more than 'brag sheets' and have conveyed little useful
information on the candidates goals, objectives, and and their
approach to problem resolution.

One thing I've noted already in this discussion is that our Board 
members and Officers are too busy to monitor this forum.   That's
really sad.  What better way to learn about and address the issues
which concern our members.  If a person is too busy to participate in
this forum then they are too busy to represent me!  Actively reading
this forum and participating in the discussions is the only way our
Board members and Officers can practice the time proven and very
successful technique of 'Management by Walking Around and Listening

Please take time to vote when you receive your ballot.  Please take
the time to read whatever statements each candidate issues....look a
bit deeper than 'name recognition'.....look for folks aware of the
critical issues facing the organization and their approach to
addressing those issues.  Look for folks who are willing to invest
the time to read this forum and openly address concerns of the
membership.  What a person has done in the past is not as important
as what a person will do in the future!  Learn a little about the
candidates and then cast your vote.

To the candidates....regardless of if you choose to post information
here or in the 'fact sheet' which accompanies the ballot, tell me
what YOU see as the most critical issues facing AMSAT.  Tell me how
you propose to address those issues.  Tell me how you are going to
learn and follow the concerns of the membership now and in the

Regards -- Bruce

Bruce Rahn

Wisdom has two parts:
1.  having a lot to say; and
2.  not saying it!
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