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Re: Slate of Officers Issue BOD

On Jun 26, 2005, at 7:23 PM, Bruce Rahn wrote:
> One thing I've noted already in this discussion is that our Board  
> members and Officers are too busy to monitor this forum.   That's  
> sad, really sad.  What better way to learn about and address the  
> issues which concern our members.  If a person is too busy to  
> participate in this forum then they are too busy to represent me!   
> Actively reading this forum and participating in the discussions is  
> the only way our Board members and Officers can practice the time  
> proven and very successful  technique of 'Management by Walking  
> Around and Listening (MBWAL).'

And here I was thinking that I would prefer that busy BoD members  
*not* spend all their spare time on this list sniping back and forth  
with those who seem to enjoy that sort of banter. Radio amateurs who  
spend more time on ham radio mailing lists than they do on the air  
are like cartoon caricatures of actual ham radio operators. Don't you  
think? :-)

You say tomato I say tomatoe ...

Jeff Davis, KE9V
AMSAT-NA #28350
AMSAT-DL #0202442
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