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Re: Slate of Officers Issue BOD

I see nothing wrong with viewing the bios that come with the ballots  
and then personally emailing any candidate with which I have a  
question. Many voting members are not on this list and many non- 
members are. This doesn't seem to be the kind of communication that  
is best served by a mailing list. As we have seen many times in the  
past, these kinds of threads, particularly on this mailing list, tend  
to disintegrate into unkind and non-useful exchanges.

Besides, there are other ways for prospective candidates to get their  
views out. Why have we never added downloadable audio interviews to  
the AMSAT repertoire? I'd love to hear interviews with members of  
project development teams as well as officers, etc. There have been  
several posts to the -BB just today that included links of recorded  
MP3s of satellite passes ... I'd love to be able to put several hours  
of audio interviews with folks like Tom Clark, James Miller, Peter  
Guelzow, Rick Hambly, and many others on my iPod.

Putting "political" debate on the -BB may sound like a good and  
"democratic" idea, but I don't believe you will find even one  
instance in the recorded archives of this list where that has ever  
worked well.

On Jun 26, 2005, at 7:21 PM, kevin schuchmann wrote:

> Hi Gould,
>  I disagree, I originally stated that I was aware that a bio would  
> come with the ballot, I knew that... I wanted to possibly get a  
> discussion going and maybe get more info and insight and maybe get  
> people motivated to vote...
> I would think the BB would be much better to do this than to have  
> members each send individual emails to all the candidates, it could  
> be overwhelming or very repetitive for the candidates not to  
> mention only one person gets the reply...
> why not have it here where maybe a question could be answered once?  
> and you hit everyone on the bb once...

Jeff Davis, KE9V
AMSAT-NA #28350
AMSAT-DL #0202442
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