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Re: Slate of Officers Issue BOD

Hi Gould,
  I disagree, I originally stated that I was aware that a bio would come 
with the ballot, I knew that... I wanted to possibly get a discussion going 
and maybe get more info and insight and maybe get people motivated to 

I would think the BB would be much better to do this than to have members 
each send individual emails to all the candidates, it could be overwhelming 
or very repetitive for the candidates not to mention only one person gets 
the reply...

why not have it here where maybe a question could be answered once? and you 
hit everyone on the bb once...


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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Slate of Officers Issue BOD

> Kevin, Dave, and all,
> All current AMSAT members will receive a bio/statement of each of the 
> candidates with their ballot.
> Please remember that an open call to the AMSAT BB is not an effective way 
> to communicate with specific individuals.
> Many AMSAT members have an email alias of   callsign@amsat.org ,   the 
> AMSAT officers and board members have email addresses published on the 
> AMSAT web site   http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/AboutAmsat/officers.php
> 73,
> Gould
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