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RE: FT-736R opinions

Hi Mike,

I like it fine, but it has been my only for-purpose Satellite rig, so I have 
little to compare it with.  My only complaints are that the computer 
interface is one-way; I cannot easily automate the tracking of doppler on 
the SSB/CW satellites, because you have to run open loop.  That's close 
enough for FM, and there's only one spot in the passband to aim at.  But not 
for SSB/CW.  Still manual operation is not that bad, once you get the hang 
of it.

I use a separate all-mode scanner for s-band downlinking (AO-40, AO-51), 
because my 13cm converter outputs at 301mhz (my choice, so I can use either 
2m or 70cm for the uplink).

My only other complaint is that I don't have a 1.2 ghz module in mine... 
(anybody have one, cheap?)

Greg  KO6TH

Hope you enjoyed Field Day. How do Sa Ops like the FT-736R. Did read eham 
not all were on Sat operation. Any imput would help. tnx Mike K2mmm
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