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Re: Slate of Officers Issue BOD

At 02:08 PM 6/26/2005 -0700, Dave G. wrote:

>At least I have an idea what Emily Clarke contributes...
>hers' is one of the names that frequently appears on this
>list and maintains the web site.
>As for the rest.....?????
>Dave KK7SS

I debated posting something on the BB but there were a few problems with 
the timing of the request and to some degree with way the request was 
made.  Rather than the person proposing this send email the nominees 
directly and suggest they do it, it was posted on the BB.  This gave it the 
feel of being confrontational and pressuring.  The posting today that 
complained of a "WOW!!   what an underwhelming response" adds weight to 
that feeling.  It was a mere four days between request and judgement, and I 
spent most of those waking hours sitting out in the cold wind calling CQ 
(wind chill factor here along the bay of 44 to 36).

While I don't shy away from a good e-tussle now and then, something as 
important as the BoD election isn't something I feel is trivial.  The 
timing (for me at least) was bad.  I read it on Wednesday before field day, 
I won't bore you with the details, but from Wednesday on I really didn't 
have any extra cycles.  I am also leaving on Tuesday for 18 days in Maine 
where I will be QRV in FN 56,57, 66 and possibly FN 67 and am giving a 
number of presentations at radio clubs.  So I had pack for FD knowing I was 
packing the rigs, etc. for another trip.

Adding to the "timing stinks" factor was that I had a personal deadline to 
finish certain things to do with the website and store before going on 
vacation.  The biggest of these was to get the Online Registration for the 
Symposium set up in the store, and get the mail in-forms to the printer to 
be mailed out with (my still unfinished) nomination statements.

There is one other thing I needed to consider.  The subscriber list of the 
BB is made up of both members and non-members.  While I hope that the 
coming year will bring a Member's Only forum (or alternatively that we can 
appeal to non-member BB subscribers to Join AMSAT) posting something on the 
BB this far in advance didn't seem fair.  I asked myself how I felt, and I 
felt the same if a political candidate in this country started running ads 
in a foreign country before campaigning here.

I believe the biggest task the next board will face is appealing to 
non-members and attracting them to be new and returning members.  Posting a 
candidate statement here in advance isn't the right way to do it.  Reaching 
out to new and returning members is complex and requires both sincerity and 
a well thought out process.  That shouldn't be as trivial a process as 
posting on the BB.  So while I planned to post something on the BB, I was 
going to use my long flight east as the opportunity to reflect on what to 
write down "here's what issues I feel are important and why"  rather than 
rush into posting something superficial.

Since the "underwhelming response" post it appears I missed some unstated 
deadline to respond.  Perhaps this will serve as my unofficial "going on 33 
hours of no sleep here is what I think" candidacy statement, but I hope not.



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