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Re: 2006 Slate of BOD Candidates

On Jun 26, 2005, at 3:06 PM, kevin schuchmann wrote:

>  WOW!!   what an underwhelming response, only one replied and it was 
> off
> list, I don't know about the rest of  the members but I guess the only 
> conclusion I
> can draw is either the candidates don't care, are afraid of this 
> forum, or have
> done nothing and will do nothing...
> So I guess we will get what we always get, a very short blurb on the
> ballot,no forum to discuss anything and we the members can be just as
> apathetic and have the usual fraction of the total membership vote as
> always...
> 73
> Kevin WA6FWF
> #19623

Seems it's been this way for ever and will continue as long as the same 
faces keep showing up on the ballot.  When the Symposium was in Toronto 
I suggested the club use this event to have the BOD candidates address 
the membership.  The idea had very little traction with the higher ups.

Change is not an easy thing at AMSAT. It is nice to see some new blood 
moving in to the BOD. There are some Directors that have long passed 
their "best before date" unfortunately they can't see it.
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